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About surrounding, about apartments

Fresh air, clean deep springs, thermal swimming pools, stately frees of forest, scent of green grass and hay, hardworking people – thaťs can be characterized Liptov region.

We offer all year accommodation in our apartments ( 2 apartments with separated entrance ) Each room has got a bathroom. There is a fridge , a microware oven, a range, an electric kettle and Tv set in each kitchen. The apartments have top –standarrd conveniences.

We are glad to welkome everyone who wants to get to know our beautiful nature, culture, history and newpeople. You can spend a very nice holiday here. Our village is known for iťs folk and scarce natural beauties. Come to have a rest and gather your strength. We hope you like it here and after your departure you part with us like good friends and never forget for us.

Our village is situated in the valley between Choc hills and Low Tatras, between the towns – Ružomberok and Liptovský Mikuláš. This strategic location is perfect for everyone who wants to admire beauty sports of Liptov region. The village consists of three parts: Nižný, Stredný, Vyšný. Apartments SLNIEČKO is situated in Vyšný Sliač 1467/23. The apartments got their name after the sun because they are situated on the south side where the sun always shines.

Apartment no 1 - bedroom Apartment no 1 - kitchen
three – bedded room, kitchen with dinning room, bathroom
Apartment no 2 - dinning room Apartment no 2 - bedroom
kitchen with a dinning room, two – bedded room, four – bedded room, each room got a bathroom

Thanks for your choosing of our web side. We look forward to your visit.